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It looks like my plan to update this daily is falling through.  I guess that's what happens when life interferes, so now my plan is to update at least once a week.

I don't really have anything to really say today.  It's Saturday morning and I'm heading out to do a few things.  This past week has been eventful, no longer being completely unemployed is a good thing.   Hopefully fingers crossed I won't be semi employed for too long and be actually employed.

In other non-me things, I am so infuriated that Pistorius was freed on bail.  I now have a sinking feeling that he'll get off.  It's bad enough that the media has decided to focus on him and how "sad and upset" he is.  Screw that, he shot his girlfriend 4 times and bashed her head in, I don't give a fuck about his feelings.  People should be focusing on her and her senseless death at the hands of an abuser.  It just makes me so mad how fucked up this whole story is. 

Meet Carlos J. Lee: Author of "Bitch, Are You Retarded?"


EVERY WOMAN HAS A GIRLFRIEND WHO NEEDS THIS BOOK! Carlos J. Lee has been every "bad boy" that you have ever dated. He's a former dog, liar, cheater, asshole, user, manipulator and has slept with hundreds of women. He is here to teach you that when it comes to the man in your life it only comes down to three things, either he loves you, or he's in love with you and when to walk away!

This is the opening line to the description of Carlo's Lee's book "Bitch Are You Retarded?", a "self help" book written by a man, that claims to teach women what they are doing wrong in relationships.  Lee posits himself as a "reformed bad boy," all while making sure to mention how many women he has slept with.  He humblebrags that he is the authority on dating and relationships because he has had lots and lots of sex with lots of different women That it wasn't until he fell in love that he realized that women were more than just something for his penis.  So, he decides to share his new found wisdom and "enlightenment" with the rest of the world in this book.  See, look he's doing us all a favor, right?

Jezebel caught up with him recently to discuss his book. The following is an  except from that "interview"
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So I made a roundupish post of BB news on ONTD and while I'm waiting for it to get approved or disapproved, I puked out a rant about how fandom treats Skyler on my tumblr. 

Since I'm still waiting for my post to go up, I figured I would puke out an analysis of Jesse on here. 

When we meet Jesse, he is a punk, a source of comic relief, a green kid who assists Walt in his meth making career.  At first he's resistant, because he doesn't understand why a "square like Mr. White all of a sudden wants to break bad."  He's mouthy and cocky, running around with dealers, acting like the king of the ABQ.  On the surface, he's the kid you see who you know will be nothing, will do nothing other than sling meth to his buddies, when he's not smoking it himself. 

Walt enlists his help, and he teaches Jesse a "better way" to cook.  In the process Walt becomes a much needed father figure to Jesse, because deep down Jesse is a lost little boy who just wants some validation.  Jesse transfers his need for "fatherly" support onto Walt and comes to respect and rely on Walt.  Walt, being Walt takes advantage of that need and makes himself that father figure to Jesse.  However, Walt is doing it because he feels a kinship or emotion for Jesse.  He does it because he knows that is the best way to control the kid, Walt knows that if Jesse looks up to him, he'll be that much easier to manipulate.  Walt knows that Jesse will do anything for anyone that he respects, because Jesse is lacking that father figure.  Walt quickly learns it doesn't take much to get Jesse to do his bidding. 

Jesse is in a constant struggle between his own morality and his sense of duty to Walt.  Early on, Jesse has no qualms about doing Walt's bidding; whether it's disintegrating a body, going after other dealers, stealing supplies to make the meth.  As the show goes on, his starts to have internal struggles, primarily in killing Gale at point blank range.  He's clearly conflicted, struggling between following Walt's orders and knowing that a hit like that will forever change him.  He chooses Walt, and you see the aftermath of that play out in a heartbreaking manner.   Probably the most heartbreaking scene is when Jesse asks Walt to go go carting with him.  Jesse's way of saying, "I did everything you asked, will you love me now."  Because something like go carting is a father/son thing, and Jesse wants to have that father/son moment with Walt.  Jesse not only wants Walt to be his "father," but he wants Walt to want Jesse as his "son."

When Jesse starts to attach himself to someone that isn't Walt, Walt prevents that from happening.  It started with Jane, while Jane was toxic, she also symbolized a disconnect between Walt and Jesse.  Walt letting Jane die was a way of keeping Jesse in control, by cleaning up and getting rid of evidence surrounding Jane's death, Jesse is again indebted to Walt.  Walt does this again with Brock, when he sees that Jesse is becoming close to Mike and Gus, he poisons Brock and tells Jesse it was Gus, thus manipulating Jesse into making Gus an enemy. 

Okay...gotta take a break, I'll edit or add more to it later. 

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Things happened at the Superbowl last night.  Beyonce was awesome, the power went out, one of the teams won.  I obviously didn't watch it, but I'm sure people will be talking about it today.

I did however watch Iron Man for the first time ever yesterday.  I know I know.  I would have liked it better if FX didn't have commercials every 10 minutes.  I started to watch the second one, but got distracted with the Puppy Bowl, then I dozed off. 

Well, isn't that a nice ad.  Yes, I'm being sarcastic.  Basically it's a high school kid who feel empowered with a car, empowered enough that he waltzes into the prom, grabs a random girl and plants a kiss on her.  Then the jock guy gets mad, hits the kid and the kid drives off in his fancy car while laughing.  Then the tagline says something about him being brave.

Fuck that. 

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This speaks to me  Let me get my grinder while waiting for the packy to open.

3. You had UConn Huskies sweats even if you had no interest in basketball.  Bonus points if you had a real life UConn player visit your school.

What do you mean had?  Still have.  It;s a crime to not buy UCONN themed clothes.    How many Bonus points do I get for having classes with the players, and seeing Gino and the team at Willington Pizza after they won.   This writer clearly has never been north of Hartford

6. But as soon as you could drive you went to Six Flags New England.

yup.  Riverside to us old folks.

7. Someone has asked you if your town is anything like the one in "Gilmore Girls."

pfft, I lived in the northern part, we were all rednecks, not some Yale Grad Yuppies.

17. You avoid I-95 at all costs.

Yup.  Only people from Mass drive on there.

They forgot about Bob's Discount Furniture (Come on Down), Hilton Kaderli and Dr. Mel, The Trolley Museum, Buckland Hills.

Asshole of the week

That distinguished honor goes to none other than Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield.  The other day TMZ (I know) reported that he is pushing for a "Don't say Gay" bill in the TN state senate.  When someone wrote him an email crticising the bill, he replied with:

"You seem to have some serious, deep anger issues. Have you ever
thought about therapy? I hear they are doing some wonderful things with
medications these days.

Yours in service,

Sen. Stacey Campfield

Well I guess Mr. Campfield did not like being featured on TMZ, so he decided to call into their live show.

During the call, Campfield insists he doesn't hate gay people -- he just
doesn't believe students from kindergarten through 8th grade should
discuss ANYTHING gay related.

Among the highlights:
-- Campfield says the people in the gay rights community are "the biggest bullies in the world."

Campfield says comparing the gay rights movement to the African
American civil rights movement is "insulting to the civil rights
movement of the black people."

-- Campfield says he wishes the
gay community would just leave the straight people alone ... saying, "We
don't wanna hear about it every day ... quit trying to ram it down
everybody's throats ... and quit pushing it on everyone. Just leave us

I can't get the video to embed, but it is worth a watch at the link above.

The Rural Juror

The Irma Luhrman-Merman murder
Turned the bird's word lurid
The whir and the purr of a twirler girl
She would the world were demurer
The insurer's allure
For valor were pure Kari Wuhrer
One fervid whirl over her turgid error
Rural juror
Rural juror
I will never forget you
Rural juror
I'll always be glad I met you
Rural juror

I will never forget you
Rural juror
I'll always be glad I met you
Rural juror (x2)
These were the best days of my flerm.

Where I puke out 30 Rock thoughts

I cried more at the ending of 30 Rock than I thought I would.  I knew it would make me sad, but I didn't think I would crying over hamlet the piglet going down the stairs.  Thank you Jack. 

I  loved how some random interneter called Liz a double Hitler, and the last TGS sketch was Jenna and Tracey as double Hitlers.  I lost it when Jenna had her mirror montage, prompted by some strange awareness on the part of Kenneth.  Although I thought the Lutz Blimpie and Pete faking his own death stories fell flat. 

My brain is still processing it, but those are my initial thoughts on it. 

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It's another one of those days where my brain is stuck for something to write about.  I went to bed at like 6 last night because I had a massive migraine and I still don't feel like I got enough sleep.  I call it a migraine hangover, where I don't have the searing headache, but I feel spent and drained of all energy despite sleeping most of the night.

According to the google doodle, today would be Jackie Robinson's 94th birthday.

Yup that's all I got today.

But I did see this today.  I'm guessing it's satire or this woman is really screwed up.
  Women are afraid of spiders because we know they can smell our secrets.  LOL I'm not afraid of spiders or killing them, does that mean I have no secrets?  I don't like her rating system.  Killing a spider is a million sex bucks, but fixing a car is significantly less?  Unless that spider can bring me back and forth to work and where I need to go, a working car is surely worth more.  Thou I do agree with the drain one wants to go near that slimey knotted hair monster that has clogged the shower drain.  That shit is nasty.


No, not the food, although I'm sure it's yummy.  I'm talking about the people who make up stories about themselves on the internet.  The show Catfish focuses on catfishing done via dating sites or people falling in love online, only to find that the person they love doesn't really exist, it is only a figment of someone imagination. 

I find the whole thing intriguing, trying to figure out why someone would go to such lengths.  Of course, I can't find the link now, but I had a nice conversation with someone in one of the Manti T'eo posts about this happening.  They said that they were in a very dark place of self loathing and depression, a feeling of emptiness that got a temporary fill by being someone else online.  That makes sense, the internet gives us an opportunity  to be someone else, be loved, be a star.  For someone to look around at their real life surroundings, find it lacking or damaging, it's a comfort to go online and fill in those blanks and erase that damage by being someone else that others will like.  You can be a better you online, you can be anyone online, why be you when you can be someone else.  I totally get that, the online world doesn't need to see your damage. 

While I understand some of the reasoning behind it, I still find it intriguing and have a strange fascination with it.  There are several types of catfishing out there, some are innocuous, like puffing yourself up to seem more interesting than you are; and the other side of the spectrum where it becomes fraudulent and damaging.  For instance in one place I visit often, there is a catfish whose story changes on an hourly basis; one minute they are writhing in pain over a medical aliment, the next they are talking about coming back from a shopping spree.  This is a person who is throwing out random stories in an attempt to get a reply, it isn't really about what they are saying, it's about the reaction they get.  If they don't get the sympathy reply with the medical aliment, they switch gears and get the attention from the people who like the shopping story.  It's interesting to watch people like that, the people who will throw out bait to get a response, any response.  People like this want attention and know how to get it, they also know that if someone else tries to call bullshit on their sob story, the other person will look like an ass.  So in a way, they have control of their environment, they control what people will say, because no one wants to be the asshole, and they get the response they want, usually a sympathetic response.  On one hand, that bothers me, because they are laying bait for well intended people and abusing a level of trust.  On the other hand, I can see that they are clearly lacking something in their lives and are using the online world to fill that void.